Because APL is committed to improving your experience at each transportation step by supporting your business activity, we created SHIPFIN, a set of trade financing solutions to strengthen and support your growth. APL - one of the world leaders in transportation and logistics - gives you access to simple, reliable and rapid financial services through a single point of contact.

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SHIPFIN platform is now available in 7 pilot countries or regions and will be deployed progressively in other areas.

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Whether you are importing or exporting, SHIPFIN offers a new range of opportunities:

  • Improve your cash position by receiving payment when your goods are loaded at departure
  • Ensure the sustainability of your supplier relationships through simplified payment collection
  • Grow your business through a healthy cash position and facilitated exporting
  • Simpler following of your invoices and customer receivables by finding all your documents in the same place
  • Maximize your working capital by benefiting from extended payment periods
  • Preserve your borrowing capacity
  • Optimize your balance sheet with non-recourse and no-collateral financing

As your business grows, you deal with more customers as well as suppliers. This could impact your cashflow, and in turn, threaten your production capacity. To help you maintain working capital while minimizing risk of supply chain disruption, APL offers you two digital trade finance solutions: Cargo Financing and Supply Chain Financing.


With CARGO FINANCING, APL is offering a solution for exporters who wish to increase their working capital and ensure their company’s growth.

  • Maintain your cash position with advance payment
  • Optimize your invoice and customer receivables oversight by centralizing the control of your documents on a digital platform
  • Reduce your customer risk thanks to our credit insurance coverage
  • Simplify your multi-currency exchanges (4 currencies available)
  • Simplify your invoice recovery process
  • Benefit from non-recourse financing and maintain your borrowing power
  • Benefit from a dedicated team of trade financing experts

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With SUPPLY CHAIN FINANCING, APL is offering a solution for importers who wish to free up their working capital while maintaining their supplier relations.

  • Extend your payment periods up to 120 days
  • Strengthen your supplier relations by improving their cash flow
  • Manage your compliance risk with the Know Your Customer (KYC) assessment done by your suppliers
  • Simplify your processes by interfacing your computer systems with the platform (EDI/API)
  • Benefit from a dedicated team of trade financing experts

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  • Receive financing of up to 90% of the invoice amount upon loading
  • Payment periods extended up to 120 days
  • Recovery of your payments as covered by credit insurance
  • Simplify multi-currency exchanges
  • Customer experience streamlined through a single point of contact
  • A dedicated team of experts in financing and transportation
  • A fast and simple procedure tailored to your needs
  • A service designed in collaboration with reliable and experienced partners
  • Coverage available on all types of merchandise (except perishables and dangerous goods)
  • Leverage the strength of a world leader in transportation and logistics

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