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Day-definite arrivals to U.S. inland destinations, Eagle REACH. Guaranteed

When it comes to picking up your time-critical shipments at U.S. inland destinations, estimated arrival dates are no longer enough.

Offering greater predictability in an uncertain market, APL’s Eagle REACH. Guaranteed has significantly increased the frequency of its rail departures from Los Angeles from weekly to daily. Your inland-bound cargo will arrive precisely on the promised day at Chicago, Kansas City, Memphis, Dallas and New York.

Previously exclusive to shipments on APL’s Eagle Express 1 (EX1), Eagle REACH. Guaranteed is now extended to South China Loop 1 (SC1) and Pendulum Loop 1 (PE1) services, with direct Asia loading ports expanded to South China and Southeast Asia.

Click to view Eagle REACH. Guaranteed flyer.

Eagle REACH. Guaranteed is part of APL’s Eagle Guaranteed suite of services (GO. GET. REACH.) on the Trans-Pacific that delivers predictability and reliability, backed by a money-back guarantee.

Bookings begin from 1 November 2019. Contact your local APL sales representative today for more information!